Kitty Kaletsky

Kitty Kaletsky is Vice President, Television at Black Bear Pictures, where she heads up the TV department, and has been since 2017.

Prior to Black Bear, she began in entertainment in London, where she worked for Stephen Woolley and Elizabeth Karlsen at Number 9 Films on movies such as Todd Haynes’ CAROL, Mike Newell’s GREAT EXPECTATIONS and Neil Jordan’s BYZANTIUM. From there she moved to PeaPie Films as the development executive and next Archery Pictures for producers Liza Marshall and Kris Thykier.

Independently, she produced documentary, ‘The Other Irish Travellers’ for the UK’s most celebrated doc channel, the BBC’s ‘Storyville’.

She then moved to Los Angeles to co-found production company Midnight Road Entertainment, whose slate includes projects set up with TriStar, the Mark Gordon Company and Bankside Films.

Kitty studied English Literature at Oxford University where she was awarded an academic scholarship and was at Georgetown for her Masters in Government. In her life before entertainment, she was a journalist at The Economist in New York and worked on the 2008 Obama Campaign.