September 13th, 2012

The Hollywood Reporter: The Cast and Crew of ‘At Any Price’

Director Ramin Bahrani shares how he came up with the idea for making the movie: “I was interested to know where my food came from, and that let us to Iowa, which is corn country — GMO genetically modified corn. We lived together with farmers researching the project, and we kept hearing the same two expressions over… Read More

September 11th, 2012

New York Post: Toronto 2012: ‘At Any Price’

Maybe the best picture I’ve seen this year, “At Any Price” signals the arrival of Iranian-American New Yorker Ramin Bahrani in the ranks of major U.S. directors. Switching gears from his neo-realistic slices of New York life like “Chop Shop,” Bahrini turns his laser eye on the surprisingly cutthroat world of Midwestern farming for this… Read More

September 9th, 2012

Variety: Coin flowing again to indie features

It is neither the best of times nor the worst, as the climate for indie film financing steadily improves after drying up in the 2008 global financial meltdown. That’s the consensus of panelists who will speak at the Winston Baker Film Finance Forum East presented in association with Variety. Executives say all the components of… Read More

September 8th, 2012

Chicago Sun-Times: Toronto #2: Victory at any price?

By Roger Ebert Ramin Bahrani, the best new American director of recent years, has until now focused on outsiders in this country: A pushcart operator from Pakistan, a Hispanic street orphan in New York, a cab driver from Senegal working in Winston-Salem. NC. His much-awaited new film, “At Any Price,” is set in the Iowa… Read More